Progress Check
It’s been 3 weeks since I entered my sophomore year and I have to say it’s not too bad right...
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Summer experience
As my summer comes to an end, I look back on it and see that I’ve really advanced and become more...
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The Ballard house
The Ballard house. A lifeline for people who feel like they need time away sfrom home. I decided to go...
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Summer learning
For most of the summer, I have been in online classes. Whether it’s a course for my school or other...
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My First Blog Apr 19 2023
While I was working on my speech about the welfare and living conditions it really was a huge eye opener....
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Traveling to India
If we continue where we left off last week we were talking about huge and impactful projects going on...
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Aging population
Because the USA has more people in the age ranges of 30 to 34 years of age it’s basically going...
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The best Policy is made when you listen to people who will be impacted - Elizabeth Dole