Summer learning


For most of the summer, I have been in online classes. Whether it’s a course for my school or other classes to learn more about my interests, I have been working on it for the past 2 months. One course I’m taking right now is a course from Rochester University. It teaches me about the history of healthcare and how it’s used and applied today. The course is separated into 6 modules. Usually, it’s just a bunch of videos with mini quizzes on the bottom to check whether you’ve learned anything or not. And at the end of the module, there is an assignment you have to do. It just takes all the ideas you have learned and asks you to apply them to real world scenarios. For example, for my first assignment I had to look at an insurance claim and analyze all the different components about it. I had to look at the copay(which is what you and the insurance have to pay together to advance on a cost). A deductible(the amount you have to pay out of pocket before the insurance starts to lend a hand) and all the other factors like who the insurance is owned by and the company providing it. After you submit your assignment, you have a quiz. Its typical quiz format with 8 or so questions you have to answer. The second module started to talk about ESI. Employer sponsored insurance is provided by many big corporations around the world. It’s great for people who can’t afford high end insurance. Unfortunately, there are restrictions. The old and disabled cannot reap the benefits of ESI. After I watched all the videos in the module, the assignment was my personal favorite. I had to ask an adult with ESI 6 questions about the topic. The first 5 would be made up of questions like, “How does ESI come into effect?” and the final one would be, is healthcare a right or necessity. Module 2 was one of my favorites and this course so far has been very fun and educational. My instructor also reaches out to me to assist me if i need it which is nice