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Traveling to India


If we continue where we left off last week we were talking about huge and impactful projects going on in the world right now. But if we go down the scale a bit, we can find out that there are small projects going on. A few maybe in your own neighborhood! If I search up where I live then I will see that some links could be saying stuff like “Cleanup on the trail on Saturday.”  Even  though these projects don’t sound like much, they help your county or area where you live stay in shape. I have considered starting one of the projects but it’s kind of difficult considering I have no experience and no way to organize everyone who wants to help. However, if I did have those skills, I would organize a renovation of the elementary school park. It’s old and could potentially be a safety hazard to a child if it ends up collapsing. This is the last week of school before school ends. FInals start and I am prepared for most of them I believe. When school lets out I will be taking a summer course labeled World History KAP. This teaches us the history of the entire world. With this I can also learn how the world leaders who led around 1000 years ago and learn if the strategies they used caused their empire to flourish or crumble entirely. The most obvious question we can ask about world leaders is how will this decision affect the public as a whole and if it is better for them or not. A new bill recently passed in congress speaks about veterans who were KIA and their families. It states if a soldier were to die in war, then the government has to pay the family a certain amount. This bill would be beneficial to the public because it would give the probably struggling family some ground to get on and help them live better overall. Something else we can look for in bills related to public policy is environmental concerns. Bill S.2360 states that communities with less fortunate people will receive the same treatment against pollution as communities with rich inhabitants. This is good for less fortunate communities because they are the main ones suffering with pollution problems. An example we can take of these are the villages in Delhi India. Because that area has very little pollution control it often gets into the lungs in residents and decreases lifespan. A protection against this hazard could bring much advancement to the country and help it grow even more