Summer experience


As my summer comes to an end, I look back on it and see that I’ve really advanced and become more understanding of my interests than I was 3 months ago. I’ve done a lot of things to get this far. Whether it’s researching problems in my community or taking a whole course to understand the history of my interest, it’s been very good for me this break. I also had a lot of fun this summer. First off right when the break started we left for India for a month. It was very nice there. I met my family after a while and even went to an engagement party. After arriving and shilling for a few days, the most important thing of the summer had started. My world history online course. I hate to admit it but this was a challenge I failed last summer. I was taking world geography and my grades were… not the best. I barely managed to pass the first semester before realizing the challenge was too great and I dropped the course, readying myself to finish it during freshman year. It wasn’t too bad honestly. I’m really an in person type of guy. Back to the topic at hand I was nervous about W History because I had no idea if it would end up like W Geography. This time though, I had people willing to help me and I had ways to change my strategies. And it went well! I passed the course with an A and now I am excited for the coming school year to see if my other classes would challenge me as well. The course continues basically for the whole 3 months. And sometime in July, I started the course I talked about on the LAST blog. Solomon. Again, it taught me the history of healthcare and whose healthcare is the best. I completed my final assignment, an infographic about issues on the current system