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Aging population


Because the USA has more people in the age ranges of 30 to 34 years of age it’s basically going to mean that we will have an aging population over time. Some problems this could pose could be something like we won’t have as large of a workforce but it’s ok because the USA’s population pyramid is pretty even.  If we want to look at a country with an actual aging population, let’s look at Italy. Almost 2.5 million people are between the ages of 50-54. Because of this, the amount of able working people will decrease and the economy will lower as a result of this. We need a large workforce to help build major projects such as the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. With an estimated cost of 5 billion dollars, it’s a huge project that will technologically advance the country of Ethiopia. The dam has been in construction since 2011 and produced power for the first time in February of 2022. The project is not classified as finished because the reservoir of water has not been completely filled up. Because Ethiopia has had a history of power shortages, this will help the country in advancing further than it ever has. Another project currently going on is the Jansen Potash Project. Even with the cost of 6.3 billion dollars, it’s well worth it because this could help end many problems on this planet. In Jansen Canada workers are drilling a mine in order to release large amounts of potassium to farms in Canada. If we manage to use the mine to its full extent, then millions of pounds of food can be distributed world wide and end hunger in places around the world. There is some controversy to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam though. Because it’s such a large physical structure, the entire country of Egypt have retaliated, claiming that building the dam will limit their access to the river and essentially limiting their economy. So if the Ethiopian government ever feels like they should make changes to the dam, they should revise how the river is split up.