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My First Blog Apr 19 2023


While I was working on my speech about the welfare and living conditions it really was a huge eye opener. Did you know that in a third world country such as Croatia, 2000 people are reported as homeless? That’s ⅕ of the population. Image if the US had a fifth of its population in poverty. That’s 66,380,000. It’s more homeless people thats the entire country of South Africa


 There is hope though. If we look on then we can see that the US is #1 in foreign aid. So if these trends continue, by the far? Future, poverty rates would decrease exponentially

    After being accepted into an online summer course about how politicians should be taking public policy very seriously, it had me thinking. We could separate a bad leader from a good one if we compare how equal they view the people not in power. The most obvious of “bad” leaders would be dictators. With no regard to people not in power, they would die before talking to a random person on the street as an equal. But if we look at some good leaders like the governor of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro, who I have researched and done a speech on. Not only was he able to stop a decade long drug crisis, he contributed to many other problems in the state as well. Because of how hard he worked to fix problems in his area, he was an extremely popular politician and favored by many.

     Its been a while since my last blog post. The debate season has ended and it will restart next year. And finals are coming up so we have to prepare for those. 2 of my STAAR tests already happened, English 1 and Biology. Not much has happened in the world since then. The new King of England got crowned so I will look forward to seeing how he will serve his people and how fairly he will rule over them. A funny thing that happened at the crowning is that someone dressed in a grim reaper costume walked across the opposite hall. Is this bad luck for England’s next king? Only time will tell